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Your Journey Starts Here

Feb 8, 2019

Valentine's Day is around the corner ladies...what are you expecting? Tired of those cheap gifts that have no thought behind them?

Does your spouse forget and grabs that gas station rose? 

Tune in and listen to how to get your spouse to buy more thoughtful gifts, I'll also tell you why you're the blame for those crappy...

Feb 1, 2019

Do you love all things affirmations?

Have you used them time and time again to no avail?

Are you confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ on why they aren’t working like everyone said they should!

Well I can help, let’s just keep it real you have been using affirmations all wrong darling....

Why Affirmations Don’t Work?


Jan 21, 2019

It's much harder to change other's perceptions of our behavior than it is to change our on behavior!

Have you ever cut your hair and most people don't notice?

Even worse, you've made significant changes, and it seems like no one cares or acknowledge them.

You've change everything they hated about only...

Jan 11, 2019



🚨New Podcast Alert 🚨

🎙When you dig through mess, you’re likely to excavate a lot of deep emotional residue that’s buried in your clutter. Everything from bad memories to broken dreams, to bad relationships. All this can get uncovered in a deep...

Dec 29, 2018

Are you ready to change some things in 2019?

Tired of chasing the same old people and things in life?

Are you tired of dealing with toxic family members, a toxic job, and a toxic relationship?


If you have answered 'Yes' to all these questions, then maybe you are ready to "Upgrade Your Standards"

Listen to this last...